Daily sketch Full pose practice

Released all my pent up frustration on this lovely sketch. The shoes need work o.o; But I like overall 😀 Because it reminds me of Mirror’s edge because of the pose/angle. As always please no steals ;-; 🙂



30 second sketch pose practice


So I use posemaniacs.com’s website often for pose reference. Finally decided to try their 30 second practice thing. Had lots of fun because the poses are so random and lack of time make you really move you gears! I really recommend this to anyone. Novice or professional. 🙂

Happy halloween! Extra Full colored drawing

In the spirit of Halloween decided to draw something, the proportions are a bit off but it like it I guess :\

Daily sketch nearly full drawing~

Here’s a new addition to the art blog. I guess I haven’t really mentioned this but—Only black and whites will be here and maybe an occasional colored sketch. For full colored drawings check out my deviantART. But chances are slim I color whatever I post here. hehe. ^^ Anyways this one WILL be colored so check out my deviantART gallery (Hint hint: the link is on the left side bar )to see it 😉

And lastly. Please don’t steal artwork. Thank  you 🙂


Daily sketch-Pose practice

I’ve been busy lately i’m so sorry for posting like I had promised myself to do. So here’s a quick pose sketch :3 I drew my Character Digi in a sitting pose with semi-office work clothes—It’s because lately i’ve been trying to find a job but no luck lol. :3 Anyway enjoy guys! And comment D: I love comments. ^^ Might upload a second sketch today 🙂 or something colored >.<;;




Practice painting of the sky

Something I painted looking at a picture I had taken a while back :3 Practicing my painting skills with photoshop.

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