Double post! #artblog #Digimichan #deviantART

(Note: Hadn’t updated properly because Chrome wouldn’t let me upload images so I just updated in twitter when I last drew something, But I hadn’t been around so. :S Used Opera to update this time.)

Double post! :3 A nice practice and a sketch lol. I’ll do a better sketch of my glasses and rather digi wearing them. Anyway—-Just got my first pair of glasses today 😀 I’m super glad with the model I picked because it looks really well on me and it was a good price so ^_^


Spirit day awareness

So, I’ve been reading around—this week is against bullying (like if your gay,etc.)

Honestly, I think its dumb to pick on people just because their diffrent. Love doesn’t have bonderies. So, do what you like and be who you wanna be.

and If you don’t know what i’m talking about check out dA’s news on the matter:


As always don’t steal. 🙂 Thanks.

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