Revival blog post / New life visions #Artblog #digimichan #dailypost

Hey everyone. I’m pretty sure this blog died—-it’s been what maybe a year or two? Alot of things have been happening in my life which have prohibited me to produce more artwork then i’d like, like for instance I moved from Puerto Rico to NY a couple of months ago. 🙂 Been getting used to life here. 😀 Anyway meanwhile, been getting into Korean dramas the sketch above is a doodle of Eun No Seul the main character from the K-drama “Protect the Boss” Anywho, I went to a portofolio review to Pratt Institute here in Brooklyn and they loved my stuff and thus inspired to draw again 🙂 So I think now the blog will be more active! Expect more artwork and blogness. At this point i’d like to say i’ve abandoned my deviantART entirely. I’m tired of working artwork for others then myself, and an artblog makes me feel like i’m drawing more for the pleasure of it then anything else~ Hope more people read and I pump out drawings to share with all of you 😀


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