Hey guys! Portrait practice and other things update

Hey guys. Sorry I didn’t really follow up to my word on my last post I did some new artwork (which is the image above) I used my neice (with her permission of course.) as practice on my portrait skills. I’m pretty impressed and happy with the way it turned out. This is only like my second time trying out in more of a realistic sense then in my own style.

My first portrait which was of myself:

I wasn’t as comfortable yet with painting and was still inexperienced. I used a photo of myself as reference.

Also i’d like announce i’ll be rebooting my youtube channel check it out i’ll be leaving a little bit of a Video blog introducing myself and what the channel will be about. 😀 As always guys please don’t steal art work 😀


Autumn leaves #Artblog #Digimichan #Dailypost

Just something I painted out of boredom. Perhaps to unwind a bit. C: Enjoy!

Little mermaid painting tryout

I’m somewhat pleased what I did so far, but this isn’t even half way done. D: It’s for a deviantART group club’s contest. XD but it was an awesome practice, this time i’m going to switch from Open Canvas to photoshop for this one—-I was trying my skills in Open Canvas all this time to make a technique for myself in painting digitally. Going to change to Photoshop for good C:

Here are some work’s done in the coloring book series:

Sleeping Beauty classical painting style

Daily sketch nearly full drawing~

Here’s a new addition to the art blog. I guess I haven’t really mentioned this but—Only black and whites will be here and maybe an occasional colored sketch. For full colored drawings check out my deviantART. But chances are slim I color whatever I post here. hehe. ^^ Anyways this one WILL be colored so check out my deviantART gallery (Hint hint: the link is on the left side bar )to see it 😉

And lastly. Please don’t steal artwork. Thank  you 🙂


Daily sketch-Pose practice

I’ve been busy lately i’m so sorry for posting like I had promised myself to do. So here’s a quick pose sketch :3 I drew my Character Digi in a sitting pose with semi-office work clothes—It’s because lately i’ve been trying to find a job but no luck lol. :3 Anyway enjoy guys! And comment D: I love comments. ^^ Might upload a second sketch today 🙂 or something colored >.<;;

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