About me

Trying to finish my college BA in Graphic Design/ Digital Animation. I was a cancer patient last year, got cured of it (Hodgkin’s Lyphoma, Yes google it.) My goal in life is to be in some sort of company or something related around Graphic Design,Manga or Video games. I love to draw and listen to music. I’m generally very social and a good friend. My friends call me “Digi” No this did not come from Digimon it’s because I love technology and I always wanted to a screenname like ‘DigitalGirl’ or ‘Digital_Girl’ well you get my drift, so i’m in a chat one day and someone names me ‘Digi’ for short and it well sort of got stuck on me. So much that I have a character named “Digi” And she’s sort of myself drawn. I have a pretty humble family. I have one brother,one sister,one niece and one nephew. (lol. one of everything) They all live in New York, but most of my family is Puerto Rican. I don’t have much family in facebook because the fact most of them are pretty old. Another thing is I’ll never understand how my name is said “Mari” and in spanish and MOST people forget the y. I have to constantly be fixing papers and shiat D< So annoying…ANYWAY.

Thats pretty much a run down of who I am. Stick around to find out more? = 3 =

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