Hey guys! Portrait practice and other things update

Hey guys. Sorry I didn’t really follow up to my word on my last post I did some new artwork (which is the image above) I used my neice (with her permission of course.) as practice on my portrait skills. I’m pretty impressed and happy with the way it turned out. This is only like my second time trying out in more of a realistic sense then in my own style.

My first portrait which was of myself:

I wasn’t as comfortable yet with painting and was still inexperienced. I used a photo of myself as reference.

Also i’d like announce i’ll be rebooting my youtube channel check it out i’ll be leaving a little bit of a Video blog introducing myself and what the channel will be about. 😀 As always guys please don’t steal art work 😀


Revival blog post / New life visions #Artblog #digimichan #dailypost

Hey everyone. I’m pretty sure this blog died—-it’s been what maybe a year or two? Alot of things have been happening in my life which have prohibited me to produce more artwork then i’d like, like for instance I moved from Puerto Rico to NY a couple of months ago. 🙂 Been getting used to life here. 😀 Anyway meanwhile, been getting into Korean dramas the sketch above is a doodle of Eun No Seul the main character from the K-drama “Protect the Boss” Anywho, I went to a portofolio review to Pratt Institute here in Brooklyn and they loved my stuff and thus inspired to draw again 🙂 So I think now the blog will be more active! Expect more artwork and blogness. At this point i’d like to say i’ve abandoned my deviantART entirely. I’m tired of working artwork for others then myself, and an artblog makes me feel like i’m drawing more for the pleasure of it then anything else~ Hope more people read and I pump out drawings to share with all of you 😀

Double post! #artblog #Digimichan #deviantART

(Note: Hadn’t updated properly because Chrome wouldn’t let me upload images so I just updated in twitter when I last drew something, But I hadn’t been around so. :S Used Opera to update this time.)

Double post! :3 A nice practice and a sketch lol. I’ll do a better sketch of my glasses and rather digi wearing them. Anyway—-Just got my first pair of glasses today 😀 I’m super glad with the model I picked because it looks really well on me and it was a good price so ^_^

Autumn leaves #Artblog #Digimichan #Dailypost

Just something I painted out of boredom. Perhaps to unwind a bit. C: Enjoy!

Little mermaid painting tryout

I’m somewhat pleased what I did so far, but this isn’t even half way done. D: It’s for a deviantART group club’s contest. XD but it was an awesome practice, this time i’m going to switch from Open Canvas to photoshop for this one—-I was trying my skills in Open Canvas all this time to make a technique for myself in painting digitally. Going to change to Photoshop for good C:

Here are some work’s done in the coloring book series:

Sleeping Beauty classical painting style

Consistency Exercise meme #Artblog #Digimichan #dailysketch

A consistency exercise. Man did I learn from this one -.- Anyway since Digi’s hair was getting in the way I did the last two with her hair tied up lol. XD

Have fun :D Might do this with another character~ ^0^

I think I basically failed it because IT HAD no consistency at all :\ Sign that I need to practice more. Yup Yup -3-

If you happen to be a deviantART member check out the empty meme here: Consistency Exercise meme (Original Empty ver)

Spirit day awareness

So, I’ve been reading around—this week is against bullying (like if your gay,etc.)

Honestly, I think its dumb to pick on people just because their diffrent. Love doesn’t have bonderies. So, do what you like and be who you wanna be.

and If you don’t know what i’m talking about check out dA’s news on the matter:




As always don’t steal. 🙂 Thanks.

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